The Posavje Wine Region

Posavje is the region where the French influence affected the local viticulture more than in any other Slovene winegrowing region; consequently, Posavje is primarily known for its blended wines. Local growers were always individualists, stubbornly growing and tending their wines in small private cellars or zidanice.

The Podravje Wine Region

Podravje, the largest of Slovenia's winegrowing regions, is divided into six winegrowing areas. The wines of the region are among the most prestigious in Slovenia; the region is particularly famous for its late harvest and other wines of special quality. Its moderate climate and specific soils are ideal for the production of rich, aromatic white wines. The German influence is the most evident in the region's cho

ice of grapes to cultivate - the best white wines of the region are similar to those grown in the Rhine and Mosel valleys but are generally more aromatic, sweeter, and stronger, thanks to the warmer climate.

The Primorska Wine Region

The name "Primorje" is derived from the Slovene words "by the sea"; only a small part of this region is actually on the coast, but its northwest-southwest valleys carry the beneficial influence of the
 Mediterranean far inland. The region is characterized by a Mediterranean climate with an occasional biting northeast wind (called burja), warm summers, and mineral-rich soils - the mix of these characteristics being different for each particular winegrowing area. There are 14,000 hectares of absolute viticultural sites  in the Primorje region, distributed over the four winegrowing areas of Brda, Vipava, Kras and Koper.

Alps and Adriatic

A seven day tour from the sunny side of the Alps to the charming adriatic coast
Scenic highlightsLake Bled, Julian Alps, Idrija Mine Shaft, Vrsic Pass, Soca Valley, Goriska Brda, Karst, Skocjane Caves, Adriatic Coast, Cerknica Lake, 

Kumbhu Mela 2007

An ancient Indian myth holds that not only the waters of the sacred Ganges have healing powers but that even a gentle breeze carrying the vapors of its waves can cleanse the soul of all sinful deeds.

Tuscany - San Gimignano, Siena, Pienza, San Antimo, Moltepulciano, Florence....

3 days in Tuscany, Renaissance, romanticism, a country of green hills, of pastel colours, vineyards and olive trees. Excellent wines of the Chianti area, tasty food and ancient towns which guard treasures with a 3,000 years long history.

The Wine Country of Bordeaux

French wine country of Bordeaux. The wine of this region carry the name of the port of Bordeaux and is a personification of what red wine is about. Bordeaux is a first class trade name for quality and prestige. The Bordeaux region is one of the most interesting of the world wine region. One cannot denied the specifity and uniqueness of its soil adding the value of his wine for which without hesitation one would give few more Euros.

Meeting at the Chalice of Nectar Kumbh Mela - Prayag, India

An ancient Indian myth holds that not only the waters of the sacred Ganges have healing powers but that even a gentle breeze carrying the vapors of its waves can cleanse the soul of all sinful deeds.

The Kumbh melas attracts an incredible number of people. They are impressive demonstration of the unshakeable faith of Hindus in the holy bath as the means of washing away one’s sins and of purifying the soul.

The Kumbh Mela is the meeting of sacred man, gurus, traveling monks and religious people, a large meeting where the immense energies of the great currents of the Universe and human endeavors flow in to the Saraswati – the river of learning and wisdom.

England Wine Country

Vino poznajo na otoku že več kot 2000 let. Skozi burno zgodovino osvajanj, plemenskih in vremenskih sprememb je imelo vinogradništvo svoje vzpone in padce. Bila so hladna in topla obdobja (stoletja). Vremenske spremembe v zadnjem desetletju pa so zopet pripomogle, da se je angleško vino pojavilo na svetovnem vinskem zemljevidu. Moderno vinarstvo so obudili trije ljubitelji, vizionarji, pred 65 leti, ko so v Hambeldonu in okolici posadili prve komercialne vinograde. Leta 1993 je bilo posajenih že več kot 1000 ha vinogradov. V zadnjih 20 letih pa se je spremenil okus in podnebje in proizvodnja penečih vin je postala glavna niša angleškega vinarstva. Še posebno blendi tradicionalnih in netradicionalnih lokalnih zvrst grozdja so prinesla odmeven uspeh in številne mednarodne nagrade. Na našem potovanju jih bomo spoznali, a tokrat ne bomo ostali samo pri vinih Anglije, spoznavali bomo tudi viski in pivo Irske in Škotske.


Tour Slovenia 2017

Slovenia, tiny small green country between Budapest and Venice.

This is where the Alps meet Mediterranean and the Pannonian Plain meets the Karst.

Slovenia is like Europe in small.




Finger Lakes and Niagara Wine Countries

22. april – 1. maj 2017
Vinske pokrajine Finger Lakes in Niagara
New York, Finger Lakes (USA), Niagara (CA)

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