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Inner Carniola is the most typical Dinaric region in Slovenia. Abundant rain and snow fall here but the ground is like a great slab of Gruyere cheese. The “intermittent” Lake Cerknica is one of the most unusual natural phenomena. This periodic lake has baffled people since ancient times, the simple people explained it through the legends and stories, ofen blaming it on the witches living on the highest mountain nearby. In the 17th century it was explained and dimystified by a Slovenian historian and renaissance man J.V. Valvasor.  On the basis of this treatise Valvasor was elected a member of the Royal Society of London. For better understanding this karst phenomena, you will see an interesting model of Cerkniško jezero with simulation of the changes of water level, followed by a multivisional projection that shows the lake conditions in all the seasons of the year. Then explore LakeCerknica the old way by horse and carriage before returning to Ljubljana.

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The National Museum of Slovenia
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