Slovenia, Custom Made Tours

Slovenia, Custom Made Tours

We are a family run travel agency and tour operator specializing in serving you with custom made tours, gourmet - culinary (gastro/enology) tours – we dine on gourmet cuisine in elegant, little regional restaurants full of charm or luxurious picnics in charming natural surroundings -, adventure tours, creative tours.


We offer wellness tours, health tourism, esthetic medical tourism, hunting tourism, shopping tourism, adventure tourism, jeep tours off the main roads, yacht trips on the Adriatic Sea, culinary and wine tours, incentive tours, congress events and many more. But mostly our aim is to cater to any need you may have. Along with highly professional tour guides and drivers, we offer also shopping assistants, personal design assistants and consultants for a complete makeover.

We are flexible and cater to your every need if you travel as an individual, with your family, or in a group with your friends.

We thoroughly research your trip and think from your point of view and needs. Over the years we have satisfied customers and wholesalers. We have excellent references from many people and countries. For example:

  • We organized a tour for Mr. Tsukamoto – the wine keeper of the Japanese prince Akishino - and his delegation of the culinary magazine Seven Hills.
  • We organized filming for French TV3 for a documentary on the Julian Alps Cronique d’en Haut.
  • We were guiding in Ljubljana for the American journalist Jay Walljasper from Smithsonian Magazine.

Incoming tourism is our main activity. For our clients from all over the world, we organize tours that cover all of Europe including the Balkan countries and Eastern Europe. 

We are located in Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia.

One of the main priorities that Slovenia offers is that it lies in the heart of Europe, where the Alps face the Pannonian plains and the Mediterranean meets the mysterious Karst. To the north it borders Austria; Hungary is to the east; Croatia to the south and Italy to the west.

From the Slovenian capital of Ljubljana to: 

Venice is three and a half hours by car
Vienna is only a four hour drive by car
Budapest is a five hour drive by car
Milan is six hours by car

We have convenient flight connections to: Vienne, Vérone, Zurich,   Munich, Francfort, Paris, Bruxelles, Amsterdam, Copenhague, Manchester, Londres, Sarajevo, Belgrade, Podgorica, Skopje, Pristina, Tirana and many more.

We can also organize taxi flights, leisure or business flights that accept up to 8 people by plane and can fly you to 1000 European airfields

With our thirty years of experience in tourism, we believe Okarina Tours is your best choice in fulfilling your wishes.

Some of our offered programs:

1)    Weddings and Honeymoons 

Slovenian scenery is very idyllic and often very romantic. It is perfect for wedding scenery or a honeymoon.

After all you find the word LOVE right in the name of the country, SLOVEnia.

The first choice of many for a wedding is the town of Bled, with its lake, a church on an island, a castle on a cliff and a view of the Alps. You are rowed to the island by a traditional wooden boat where the tradition has it that the groom has to carry the bride up 99 steps to ring the wishing bell in the lovely baroque church. You are surrounded by greenery, the clear colours of the lake and a view of mountain tops.

A honeymoon stay can be wonderful in Bled, but the country also has much to offer. For a quiet stay we offer luxury farm places, for lovers of the sea the perfect stay would be in Portorose in the most luxurious Slovenian hotel. For city lovers the choice would be Ljubljana in one of many boutique hotels in the old historical center.  For those that want to profit from their honeymoon by discovering places, a tour can be organised according to your length of stay. We would recommend a version of the tour from Vienna to Venice or a tour of Slovenia and Croatia near the Adriatic Sea.


2)    Sport

For organised teams of sportsmen, Slovenia offers many options. Mostly it is great for any sports practice as there is a good offer of sports halls and accompaning programs. It can be more for recreational purposes or also for a professional teams and preparation for large sporting events.


3)    Youth Adventure Camps – Nature Survival and Education

We offer well organized adventure camps for youngsters to help them grow and become independent. We provide them with activities in beautiful Slovenia’s nature ...basics of martial arts, horseback riding and similar, but most of all education for life through fun. Those camps stay cherished in young’s hearts...

4)    City (shopping, culture, gourmet, partying,...)  

As already mentioned Slovenia is very well located, in the heart of Europe and it is easy to combine the serene nature of the country with a vibrant combination of a city break. The Slovenian capital of Ljubljana has already a lot to offer, but still it can be combined with Vienna, Venice, Florence, Milan, Zagreb. City tours are great for those that enjoy shopping, cultural discoveries, gourmet stays or good parties. For the shopping lovers we also offer design and shopping assistants.


Slovenia is the second greenest country of Europe. It is blessed with many forests, streams and rivers. Many areas are protected as parks under different conventions. Even if the country is small, you can spend a life time discovering all of its natural wonders due to the location of the country, crossed by three different climates. The Alpine climate offers mostly mountain scenery, high mountain peaks and clear mountain rivers, streams, gorges and lakes. The Mediterranian climate stretches next to the Adriatic coast, offering the beauties of the sea and old towns influenced by the Venitian republic. The continental climate offers the Karst area with underground caves, plains, marshes, beautiful forests. You can enjoy these natural beauties just by driving through, but of course for a pristine feel of it, you should enjoy it with an easy walk or some serious trekking. Many parks have organised different activities for different types of people. From a simple walk through an arranged path next to a gorge, a river, an underground cave or other natural phenomena to more physically challenging activity such as rafting, trekking in high mountains, adventure parks, horseback riding etc.

Slovenia is also known for the large number of birds migrating through in different period of the year. Bird watching tours can also be organised. As well we offer organised hunting tours depending on the time of year.

Golf tours

For golf lovers there are some splendid golf courses in Slovenia. Usually those tours are combined with a stay in a thermal spa, playing golf during the day, enjoying the spa in the evening with possible visits to nearby attractions  and discovering some culinary delights of the country.

7)    Adriatic tours

The proximity of the Dalmatian coast and the historical alliances between Slovenia and Croatia makes us feel like home in this whole territory. Over many years we have specialised mostly in this area. The Adriatic coast and mostly the Dalmatian part has a lot to offer, beautiful natural scenery, numerous islands,UNESCO sites, cultural events, culinary delights. We can organise from simple budget tours to luxury tours. The discovery of the area can be done by car, bus, boat or by private yacht, or even by private plane. 

Private villas and apartments

For those looking for more privacy or who are tempted to stay a bit longer, we also offer accommodation in private villas and apartments.

9)    Beauty and esthetic tourism

Women’s wellness, rejuvenation and beauty treatments - classical and alternative, provided by our greatest experts, along with nature adventures and shopping, make our program Beauty & Wellness one of the best and most desired for good reason.

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The National Museum of Slovenia
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